Kanzen Home Smart Pantry

I’m at the store, what’s in my pantry? Can I make bacon mac & cheese? And hey, technology, put the groceries away! Building the truly smart home.


We can make it easier to remember what’s in your pantry when you’re at the grocery store and automate putting the groceries away.


My team envisioned, designed, and prototyped a pantry hardware and software system that scans and logs grocery items and stores them.


Successful prototype and user testing gave our sample audience an engaging experience, and offered us learning for improvement.

User Experience Designer Seattle
Jennifer goes grocery shopping in person or has groceries delivered to her home.
User Experience Designer Seattle
She puts the items on the table for scanning.
User Experience Designer Seattle
Marsha slides each item into the scanner. The scanner slides and rotates the items looking for a barcode. If there's no barcode, four cameras in the scanner photograph the item. The photos or barcode are comparted with items in the shopping database. The user can choose to review each item as it is scanned, review a list at the end, or le the app do whatever it wants (auto add each item to the database for the home). App displays the add list in real time.

Comps, app screens, and prototype (confidential)

User Experience Designer Seattle

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